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We highlight all the news stories from the Optometry industry, from this week.


It’s the first week back after the festive break. We have got straight back into the swingf of things, here at iseek. Although in lockdown, we are still working from home, and we’re fully able to support you and your job search. If you are thinking about a new role, perhaps once lock down is over; we can help you find what you’re looking for.

In the meantime, here’s a catch up of all the news stories we have covered this week. Check back next week for more updates!


Optometry in America

At the start of the week, we looked at an article from Optometry Times, where we found out how Optometrists in America are coping with the current climate.

The general consensus appears to be very similar to what we are experiencing here, in that people are looking forward to a time when they can get back to work and start seeing patients.

Some spoke of their practices take up of technology to enable them to be able to continue working, whilst protecting patient safety.

The overall take home from the article is that Optometrists in America are looking forward to 2021, with the prospect of things getting better in the profession, than last year.

Read the article in full here

Black Glasses

Technology and the optical retail landscape

We highlighted an interesting article from Optometry Today, about the increased use of technology for Optical retail. Specsavers state in the article, that although the events of 2020 expedited the use of technology on and online sales, that this was always their plan for this area of the business to grow.

Prior to 2020, Specsavers had been selling contact lenses online and that the start of selling glasses online was ‘natural progression’

It’s been great to see how practices have changed and adapted their working in order the survive or thrive throughout the pandemic so far, and we wish every practice, continued success into 2021.

Read more here



We shared some great news in the week, that Optometrist Sarah Joyce had received recognition in the New Years Honours list, for her tremendous work during the COVID response at ASDA HQ. This is great to see people in the profession receiving recognition for the work they have been doing. Well done Sarah!

Congratulations news


That’s all for this week. We hope you have a great weekend and, as always, we are here any time you need us, for help and advice with your Optical career!

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