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We round up the Optometry news and events we have covered this week!


Pre-Reg and COVID        

At the start of thew week we highlighted a story from AOP of one pre-reg and coping with the delays COVID caused. This story explains how Emily Mather had her pre-reg placement delayed due to the pandemic, but how she tried to see the positives in this and the chance to spend more time with her family.

Read the full article here


Giving Tuesday!

Last week we highlighted the campaign Vision Care for Homeless People were running for Giving Tuesday.  They aimed to encourage people to donate £20.20 so that they can continue to help vulnerable people living on the streets, with their eyecare needs. They have already raised £1,747.40, but are aiming for £2,020. To help this cause and to donate, click the link below

Donate here

Read more about Vision Care for Homeless People here


Dealing with negativity

We looked at an article this week, that addressed the issues surrounding negativity in your practice, which is of course an issue dealt with in all businesses. This article helps to address this problem and looks at ways to overcome this.

Read more here

Hand heart

Simulation and Technology

We covered an interesting story on Thursday, about the introduction of technology and simulation can help training and eyecare.

The pandemic has caused many professions to look for new or different ways to train and work, and from this, the Ophthalmology sector benefited from weeklong virtual symposium. At the event, they details how technology can transform eyecare going forward.

Read about the event, here


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