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One students journey into Optometry, Practices Opening  and a new Optical Assistant Apprenticeship

Welcome to a new week! Catch up on all the news we have covered last week.


Inspired to be an optometrist

Optometry Today shared an insightful look at one optometry students career and studies. Georgia explains why she felt inspired to begin her studies in Optometry.

The interview outlines the importance eye examinations are for your health. As eye examinations can identify health conditions like brain tumours.

It’s great to hear stories of what inspires people not their career or industry. Read Georgias full interview with Optometry today here


Practice Opening

An optometrists opened their third practice this January, after seeing an available building during the pandemic. Optometrists, Taylor-West and Co has appointed a dispensing optician to lead the team. However, they are having to work on reduced hours due to the lockdown.

The opticians are stocking a variety of exciting and interesting frames. Saying they want to ‘encourage people to come in to be styled’.

Read more about their exciting new practice here

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Optical Assistant Apprenticeships

Optometry Today reported on the new Optical Assistant Apprenticeship by Training 2000. The aim of the training programme, is for practices who are looking to hire apprentices. Or to upskill their staff. It also aims to equip students with the confidence required to be an Optometrist.

It reports that the training could enable independents to access government funding, for training up the new apprentices.

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Trees for the future

At the end of the week, we announced our new initiative. To plant a tree on behalf of every client and candidate we place in a new role.

At iseek we’re passionate about the environment. We understand that there are always things that companies can do better.

So, we decided we wanted to make a positive impact on the world. Therefore, for each person that we find their ideal role; or for each company that we find a new valued team member; we will be planting a tree on their behalf.

We always strive to use eco products for our merchandise. So, this is just another area where we can try to make a difference.

We will continue to try to improve our process for the good of the environment.


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