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Body Language, Charity Events and help for blind or partially sighted people

We have come to the end of the last week in January. It’s been an eventful week for all, and we hope that you are staying safe and well.

We have shared some great news stories this week, so let’s see the run down..!


Body Language Basics

Have you ever been to an interview, or been in a meeting and felt that you weren’t sure how to sit, or present yourself? Body language is so crucial. It can tell people how you are feeling, it can convey confidence or uncertainty. Not only is it important to know the basics fr job interviews, but also when speaking to patients.

Anthony Blackman, of Insight Optical Training, has provided as really useful guide. Read his advice on all things body language here.

Anthony has also provided us with other useful advice and guidance, see below for the other topics he has covered.

A guide to written communication

The 6 P’s of Oral Communication

The 7 C’s of effective communication

Body language

Optoversity Challenge

You might remember from last year, where we shared news on the Optoversity Challenge? Vision Care for Homeless People are running the event again this year, and we are delighted to be able to share this news with them.

The event will be virtual, we will be covering the event in more detail over the next month, so check back to keep up to date. In the meantime, click the link below to read more.


Accessible High Streets

Streets for All is a campaign run by Sight Loss Council. The initiative aims to make all streets accessible for blind or partially sighted people. Over the last year, many councils have redesigned their pedestrian spaces to enable easier social distancing. These systems however can be exclusionary to blind or partially sighted people. Some systems include one way paths, which can be difficult for blind or partially sighted people to navigate.

The campaign has called on councils to speak with blind or partially sighted people before any changes are made. Follow #StreetsForAll to stay up to date.


Check back each week for more run downs of the latest news and events!


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